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Clinical Hypnosis

Improve your Mental Health with


Psychotherapy is a brief therapy that focuses on practical behaviour strategies and coping skills influencing the client to make better choices. We aim to assist clients to understand how past experiences affect their mental distortions and their responses to life events via a solution-orientated approach.

We Specialise In

Stress & Anxiety

Depression & Insomnia

Grief & Loss



Clinical Hypnosis and Counselling
incorporate empowering and practical approaches to Psychotherapy, such as skill developing, accessing hidden resources and behavioural cure.

"You have helped me more than I thought anyone could have and you have made me flourish and achieve things I didn't believe were possible"

- S.J.

"I've had a strange and overwhelming couple of weeks but I've used what I learnt to deal with it and coped!

I'm so happy where I'm at!"

- M.C.

"I am feeling so much better and I appreciate the tools you gave me and the great tips and guidance"

- M.M.

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CBT - Cognitive-behavioural therapy is goal oriented, and a practical approach that assists in changing unhealthy thoughts, emotions and disturbing behavioural patterns. 

Eyes Closed

Person-Centred facilitates


personal growth and


development, increases self-


esteem and openness to


experience, reducing the


feeling of distress.

Holding Hands

Interventions - Somatic Psychotherapy, EFT and Mindfulness allow people to understand themselves and use their values to overcome intrusive thoughts and unhealthy behaviours.

Rocks of Balance

Integrative - Holistic


Therapy is a combined


appraoch that brings together


different elements of specific


therapies to tailored the 


treatment  to your unique needs