Couples Counselling

Identify and Resolve Issues


Are you fighting, arguing and not caring if your partner is upset? Counselling can help you cope, reduce friction and negotiate a plan to move forward, easing the pressure in your relationship.

Create Harmony and Reduce Conflict

Conflicts are usually transitions into something better. Relationship conflicts make you feel hurt, vulnerable and weak. It can make you feel disconnected, isolated and to retreat into "the silent treatment," causing the relationship to break down. Fulfilling, loving and long-lasting relationships are the product of hard work, determination and flexibility, an element at the core of every healthy relationship. 

Learn New Skills to Improve Relationships

New skills and strategies can help you cope and change your perspective. If you are ready to improve your relationships and want to learn more about the tools to help you, please contact us to book a FREE 15 minute consultation to work through the issues you are currently experiencing in your relationship.







Finding the Right Approach for You

At MindWorks Clinic, our speciality lies in the delivery of evidence-based psychological services: counselling, psychotherapy and hypnosis. Our tools are adaptable and chosen to suit your needs and circumstances. Most importantly, we work to understand what has prompted your concerns, what triggers them and teach you appropriate skills to overcome them.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help you find the appropriate skills and strategies to flourish, enjoy your relationship and embrace life to the fullest. The methods used can empower you in the process of habit modification to assist with growth-oriented changes.