Addiction, Substance Abuse and Misuse

Identifying Addiction and Destructive Behaviours

Addiction and substance misuse creates dependence, alters mood and habits. It holds power over a person's life and mental health. Addictions are often used as coping mechanisms for deeper issues and traumas.

Learning to Manage Your Addiction

Substance abuse and addiction can be difficult to manage and professional assistance can help you attain new skills, self-control and self-confidence to cope better. A customised approach such as psychotherapy can reduce anxiety and fear. These evidence-based clinical treatments aim to uncover, explore and address underlying issues. Individualised plans and clear treatment goals, with positive strategies, can recreate a purposeful and meaningful healthy life.

Seeking Support for New Behaviour

Whilst working at creating new habits, it can be challenging to manage withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal changes the body and mind patterns when you alter the consumption of certain substances. Symptoms include but are not limited to irritability, fatigue, mood swings, aches and pains, cravings, itching and scratching, restlessness, foggy brain, insomnia, chaotic thought patterns and other destructive behaviours. Psychotherapy, hypnosis and counselling can create a safe and non-judgemental space for a person with an addiction to express their struggles in this transition by offering support and motivation while transitioning into wellness.  

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Finding the Right Approach for You

At MindWorks Clinic, our speciality lies in the delivery of evidence-based psychological services: counselling, psychotherapy and hypnosis. Our tools are adaptable and chosen to suit your needs and circumstances. Most importantly, we work to understand what has prompted your concerns, what triggers them and teach you appropriate skills to overcome them.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help you find the appropriate skills and strategies to flourish, enjoy your relationships and embrace life to the fullest. The methods used can empower you in the process of habit modification to assist with growth-oriented changes

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