Meet Patricia

Licensed Counsellor & Experienced in Psychotherapy

Patricia is a licensed psychotherapist, counsellor and clinical hypnotherapist, ready to support you to live your life to its full potential, whatever your concern.


Patricia can help you find better ways to approach life, relationships and hardship.

She provides a safe, supportive and confidential environment. By exploring your psychological distress with a collaborative approach, you can restore your strengths and find realistic solutions. You can then start to feel empowered and able to realise your goals in life. 


Patricia offers short and long-term counselling (psychotherapy or clinical hypnosis) sessions to adolescents, adults and couples either in person, zoom or via telehealth. 


She uses a variety of therapeutic modalities, an integrative approach to take care of your needs. 


Take advantage of a FREE assessment consultation that can help you make an informed opinion before booking your following sessions. Please check the package offers.